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$500,000+ Book Sales on Amazon KDP: Sam Barnes Success Story | EP1

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Imagine making over $500,000 by writing books without being an author?

That’s exactly what we dive into in the first episode of Talk n Do.

Join me, Marcel, a half-Indonesian living right here on the world's most famous island. From this perfect starting point, I aim to give a voice to the incredible success stories around us, enabling YOU to draw learnings and inspiration.

Today, we kick off with Sam Barnes, a renowned Amazon KDP expert. Under his brand Samazon KDP, he has transformed the art of online self-publishing, helping people—who aren't traditional authors—make significant income. With over $500,000 in books sold, he now shares his secrets through his platform, https://passiveselfpublishing.com, teaching others how to replicate his success.

Born and raised in England, Sam will share his entire journey with us: from his life back home, how he first discovered Bali, what drove him to move here, and how Bali has fueled both his personal growth and business success. He’ll dive into how he started with Amazon KDP and rose to the top of this competitive field.

So buckle up, subscribe to follow the journey, and let's dive straight in!

Feel free to suggest podcast guests in the comments or by emailing marcel@talkndo.com

► YouTube: @samazonkdp
► Instagram: https://instagram.com/samazonkdp
► Website: https://passiveselfpublishing.com

Talk n Do:
► Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3yEpEnU
► Instagram: https://instagram.com/talkndopodcast

00:00 - Intro
01:23 - Introduction
04:26 - School Journey
22:05 - First Job
32:00 - First Money Online
34:58 - First Touchpoint with Amazon KDP
36:45 - What is Amazon KDP?
38:17 - Amazon KDP Journey
47:56 - Burnout & Back to a 9 to 5
52:03 - Back to Amazon KDP
56:04 - First Touchpoint with Bali
01:02:30 - Why Bali?
01:07:58 - Future Projects
01:09:42 - Amazon KDP Coaching School
01:10:06 - Life Advice
01:11:58 - Outro

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